It all starts with you. The individuals.  The undefined.  The redefined. The beautiful. The bold. The somewhere-in-betweens.

Our inspiration comes from those breaking down beauty standards and reshaping them to include the previously excluded. We want to create a community of beauty creatives who push the envelope and defy the norms.

That’s because we get it. We get you.  We know that beauty is a feeling. 

It’s a moment. It’s an expression. It’s a connection.

We’re here to foster that connection and bring you on-the-pulse beauty innovations, events, launches and the best creatives the industry has to offer.

Those who inspire.  Those who aspire.  Everyone is invited.

Whether it’s to our digital conversations or first-in-SA beauty festivals, every experience is designed with our-kind-of-people in mind.

Think makeup. Think hair care. Think skin care. Think OTT. Think au naturale.

This isn’t about dictating trends. This isn’t about following the crowd. This definitely isn’t about doing what’s been done before.

This is a rebellion. A revolt. A new beauty regime.

This is Beauty Revolution.