Women's Month

We got your back, girl!

We’re here to make you (and your girls) feel like the QUEENS you are.

We at Beauty Revolution, love to champion feel-good-vibes. We’re all about celebrating YOU and sharing “gentle” reminders about how damn fabulous our Beauty Rebels really are. Couple this with our favourite month of the year - Women’s Month - and you’ve got yourself a full blown gush fest.

For the month of August, we’re giving you all of the compliments. Well, more than usual. And we’d love it if you’d keep the good vibes going by sharing some kind words with your gal pals. But let’s do more than quick texts and heart emojis. Let’s set phone wallpapers and frame print-outs to keep you shining and smiling, 24/7.

How? We’ve created our own daily love notes - which you can download from our website to print or share. Plus we’ll be uploading them to our social pages, so you can save yourself a sweet new background or spread the love by resharing to a friend’s wall.


See how good that feels?

We’re challenging you to see how far we can get our #BRLoveNotes to go. Let’s flood newsfeeds and stories with uplifting words and little LOLs - because when women support women - magic happens!

That’s because the power of community never fails to create positive change - a little kindness is often all it takes to inspire unity in others.

And part of that is never keeping quiet about how bomb your girl’s hair looks today!

Get in on #BRLoveNotes here: COMPLIMENT YO' GIRL

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