Meet the Boss Babes from SOMA

Introducing School of Makeup Artistry - otherwise known as SOMA. SOMA is a Durban-based beauty institute that aims to help establish and develop artists in the industry. Team BR got the chance to sit with founders Deanne and Denisha, and chat self love, business savvy and that one trend they *really* wish would go away…


Introducing the Boss Babes & Beauty Rebels Deanne Roodt & Denisha Haridas.

Hey guys! What made you decide to launch your own amazing company?

Denisha: When we first fell in love with this industry, we wished there was an institution that could teach us everything we needed to know about making a successful MUA career. As a result, we really wanted to create a place that fuelled passion and creativity. And within that space, we aimed to empower skilled MUAs and develop young entrepreneurs.

Deanne: We’ve worked in the industry for a combined period of 19 years, and much of this time was spent working with industry leaders such a MAC Cosmetics. It was here that we developed our love for teaching and training. We had a really clear idea as to how we wanted to pass on this experience and how to bring our dream to life.

Rad! Now that anyone and everyone has the tools at their disposal to promote themselves and become “famous” overnight, what advice would you give to a young MUA starting out?

Denisha: Never forget this a people-centric career. Technology has changed the way that we connect and as a result, we’re actually interacting less and losing that connection. We’ve the ability to do so much more than just apply makeup. We’ve got the power to really uplift and make people feel good about themselves, so take whatever opportunity you have to personally connect and your brand will stand out.

Never forget that this is a people-centric career.

So true! What’s the biggest challenge you face today as a makeup artist?

Deanne: We live in time where it really is possible to become an overnight success and the challenge here is that the industry becomes so flooded with competitors, that are all doing the same thing. Our advice is to find something that makes you different and stand out from all the rest.

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Self love is a topic that we at BR are very passionate about.  What does it mean to you?

Deanne: For me, self love is ignoring that voice that says you’re not good/skinny/talented/smart enough. It’s loving your quirks and imperfections despite living in a world that tells us not to.

Self-love is about being a nonconformist and being ok with being different.

Denisha: Self love is simply trusting your gut. We often go against our intuition and make choices that don't serve us, so it’s simply about making choices that are in your best interests.

YAS! What is the one thing that sets your company apart from the rest?

It’s us! We’re a dynamic duo!

Denisha: It’s a combination of experience. Two fresh perspectives. One common respect for coaching and developing. We love people and we’ve really spent the time getting to know and understand them - consumers and artists alike.

Deanne: We’ve been so lucky to have had the opportunity to brush shoulders with some of the best in the industry. We’ve spent time working locally and internationally and as a result, we’ve been afforded the knowledge and gained the confidence to nurture talent in others.

How do you use your influence in the industry to educate and promote young girls about beauty and self-love?

Denisha: It comes down to leading by example. To promote inner beauty and self love, you have to live it. We’re both passionate about encouraging our students not to just follow trends, but find their own niche and self expression.

Find what makes you, you and run with it. 

What’s the one thing you would like to see more of when it comes to MUAs, Insta-stars and beauty bloggers?

Denisha: For us it’s one simple word and that’s authenticity. Full stop.

Beauty with purpose - what does that mean to you?

Denisha: Beauty is so personal. Whether you’re about feeling free and natural or maybe makeup is your warpaint used as a means of self expression - find your definition of beauty and it wear it with a purpose.

Quickfire Q’s:

Top 3 makeup essentials:

SPF, mascara, cream blush.

Current beauty trends you love:

High shine gloss - it’s back!

Minimalism - all about natural bare skin, set against bushy brows.

Cleopatra liner - thicker, bolder, edgier!

One product you cannot work without?

MAC Fix + Spray.

Trends you wish would go away:

Copy and paste Insta brows.

Shapeshifting contours.


Do you have dreams of becoming a professional makeup artist or just want to know how to master your own makeup? Stay in the loop with the SOMA fam on Facebook and Instagram! 

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