Girl Bossing with Zaza Mota from LuxeLoft

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Here at Beauty Revolution nothing inspires us more than a true girl boss! Meet Zaza Mota founder and owner of one of the ‘OG’ K-beauty online stores, Luxe Loft. When asked how she manages to juggle studying fashion full-time and managing her business she answers that prioritizing is a huge part of her life right now.

The concept all started when Zaza travelled to Korea and fell in love with the results from using K-beauty products on her own skin. She wanted to provide luxury and transformative skincare at an affordable price tag to the women of South Africa- and so the Luxe Loft brand was born. Zaza naturally uses a classic 7 -10 step Korean beauty routine everyday. Her hero products include the Iniss Free Green Tea Seed range, which she has been using for years and the Aromatica Calendula Juicy cream and The Lotus leaf and lemon face mist. All available to shop at Luxe Loft of course!

Just some of the K-beauty products available at LuxeLoft.

Just some of the K-beauty products available at LuxeLoft.

On why K-beauty has taken the beauty market by storm, Zaza says it has to be a combination of the cute, attractive packaging and the innovative formulation and superior ingredients used in order to perfect and restore skin!

Zaza’s 4 top tips on how to start an online beauty business and brand:

  • Do your research! it may seem easy enough to do at first but little details can change the whole dynamic of your business, you need to understand the processes and procedures properly before starting any type of business.

  • Believe in your self(ie)! Don’t let anyone convince you that you can’t do it, there is always a solution to every problem if you work hard enough and are passionate about your job.

  • Be passionate about it! A new business is like a newborn baby, it constantly needs your attention and help, which can be very draining at times. If you are working in a field you love it makes the job easier and more exciting.

  • Always be realistic! It takes a lot of time, money and effort to start and grow any type of business. Don’t expect things to magically happen overnight or for your business to go viral instantly, it takes an extreme amount of effort to slowly build your business and client base.

You’ll be able to shop Luxe Loft products at Beauty Revolution Festival , but for now be sure to follow Luxeloft on Instagram or visit their online store to see what products you can expect.

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